Here at Seabird we create a connection between people through coffee. 
The focus is to educate and inspire coffee drinkers who want to upgrade their lifestyle.
Bold, smooth, vibrant, rich, adventurous.
Your coffee routine is part of your identity, and we provide a lifestyle for that identity.
Coffee is you, and Seabird knows coffee. 

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June's Coffee Roaster

 Lee, MA

Lee, MA


Pain D'Avignon Pastry (Hyannis, MA)
Emilly's Kitchen (Cohasset, MA)
Donut King Donuts (Quincy, MA)
Chequesset Chocolate (North Truro, MA)
Mapleline Farm Milk (Hadley, MA)
Alecco Waffles (Cohasset, MA)
Geppetto's Confections (Hull, MA)