Our community of local roasters and purveyors allows us to provide you with the best, freshest product around.  Starting your morning with high quality coffee and finely crafted pastries will set the tone for the rest of your day, everyday.

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July 2018


Essleon Coffee Company  (Hadley, MA)

  • Espresso: 
    • Origin- Guatemala
    • Process- Washed, sun dried on patio and raised beds
      • Tasting Notes: Molasses, nutmeg, creamy body
  • Drip Coffee: "Organic Mexico Chiapas"
    • Origin: Mexico
    • Altitude: 3,300 – 5,600 ft.
    • Process: Wet, sun dried on patio
      • Roast Level: Medium
      • Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, roasted nut, stonefruit with medium body, mild acidity
  • Decaf Coffee: "Organic Decaf Mexico Royal Select"
    • Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico
      • Roast Level: Medium
      • Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, full body

Past Residents


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