Seabird Coffee & Co. is an experience rooted in Cohasset, MA. For us, Seabird started with a shared love for high quality coffee, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of connecting people.

Seabird is more than just a coffee shop. By connecting New England's artisanal roasters and bakers to the costal communities South of Boston, we've created a contagious spirit and style that can't be denied. 

Each month, a new Resident Roaster is showcased. Together we curate a lineup of delicious coffees that highlight the roaster's unique style and offerings. The goal is to recreate the experience they intended and to tell their story the way it was meant to be heard. 

In our café, we see faces from all walks of life sharing in conversation, laughing with someone they just met, simply creating connections that nourish the soul.  This experience helps remind us that we're all in this together, so why not share a cup of coffee,  enjoy the ride, and push the vibe...

See you at Seabird.  




"Push the vibe" is something all true Seabirds live by. It's an all inclusive initiative grown from the passion of creating for other people, putting others first, and reveling in rich experiences.

We are all part of the coffee community, Seabird has simply found an avenue to bring us all together resulting in a lifestyle based on conversation and real human interactions.

Seabird is a destination; something people are looking for.  Here, like minded individuals come for the coffee, and leave with the vibe.

It’s not what we’re selling, it’s what we’re giving out.
— Brian McLaughlin, founder Seabird Coffee & Co.